5 Must-Have Active Campaign Integrations

  • by Kevin Sharpe
  • on July 10, 2019

Attention business consultants and other service providers! Are you sick and tired of managing the daily operations of your business and getting bogged down and pulled away from the stuff you love to do?
I know I am! Getting nerdy with workflows and creating automation excites me. But what do I hate? All of the little things in between, such as…

  • Going back and forth with emails asking, “does this time work for you?”
  • No show leads at appointments
  • Keeping track of my pipeline and what I have to do next (because I really just want to help people now!)
  • Creating custom contracts and then trying to track down signatures

I’m going to show you some of my favorite workflows for business owners and how technology helps to run them with much more ease and efficiency.
Note: These are the exact workflows and tools that I have set up in my business, that allow me to focus on what I do best and eliminate the busy work.

Five marketing automation setups that allow you to focus on your customers

  1. Lead to…get to know you!
  2. Schedule a meeting…follow up with more info!
  3. Automate the location…and just show up!
  4. Gather more information…and keep track of it!
  5. Manage your pipeline and legal documentation…in one place!

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