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Innotec take a holistic approach to business software and business application development. We view business software not just as a set of computer programs used by business users to perform various business functions, but as a method of working and a process. Our objective is to boost your productivity without having to invest in more human resource. Our business software solutions free up staff from the daily monotonous grind to concentrate on more engaging and revenue generating tasks.

We can create new business software, modernise legacy systems or unify multiple systems by using our experience, new emerging software or developing our own bespoke scalable solution. Our initial consultation with you will allow us to understand your business and uncover the real goals of the business and what we need to achieve.

We use the latest tried and tested technology ensuring we provide robust solutions to your business software. We use our innovative approach to business systems to deliver a custom development tailored to your business processes.

The latest technology gives you many crucial benefits. From the highest level of security with blockchain to reliable automation and Artificial Intelligence based algorithms and cloud based solutions.

We can review your existing process and software across many areas of the business:

  • Accountancy Software
  • Financials
  • CRM
  • Business Intelligence
  • Data Integration
  • Marketing Automation

After our initial consultation, we will present you with a tailored product that meets your exact specifications, resolves your pain points and reduces time spent on tasks. We then agree the best fit solution and help with its implementation, training of staff and its adoption within the business.

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