Web portals, or web server-based platforms, can take many forms and serve a number of purposes. However, they are often a vibrant hub of sharing, exchanging and accessing information across multiple communication mediums. They usually become the central interface of communication for customers and clients to access or manage critical business and customer processes.

Innotec Scotland have built a number of scalable and high-performance portals within a reliable cloud-based server environment on any platform or device. Portals allow 24/7/365 access for customers, employees and partners information, products or services.

Integrating web portals with back office applications also helps to ensure key business data is readily available via a secure and intuitive user interface.

Although portals have a common theme each customers requirements are different. That’s why we conduct a number of consultations such as discovery interviews, workshops and surveys. This usually covers the three groups in relation to the project - mainly customers, analysts and project managers.

We take what we learn from our discovery processes and after listing to you we our vast experience and expertise to make sure we deliver a practical, cost effective extranet, intranet or portal that works within your business environment. We will deliver this on time and within budget.

We have provided a number of different portals as a solution for various needs:

  • Corporate portal
  • Sales portal
  • Employee portal
  • Shopping
  • Customer portal
  • Intranet
  • Lead Generation
  • Information and Communication
  • Support and Services

We can offer a bespoke portal or a customised off the shelf solution. We can either work with your existing technology and management systems or implement new systems along with your portal depending upon your time scales and budget.

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